National Poetry Month in April 2014

Pasco Arts Council (PAC) is going to “switch things up” a bit for the         National Poetry Month.

While we expect our poets to be disappointed that we will not be holding
The Jacaranda Poetry Festival this year, we encourage them to stay in touch
with the Main Street Gallery in downtown New Port Richey. 
In support of embracing poetry/writing as an art form, we will hold a Haiku/Art exhibit titled Expressions.



           The 7th Annual Jacaranda

Poetry Contest & Festival April 20, 2013



First Place, Linda Breeden


 Love’s Unfolding

You came to me where contentment had staked its claim.
Territorial, abiding no feral thought of longing,
it cleared the underbrush of passion and abandon
and the reedy trunks of hope that spring in my heart.
Life was ordered and I, cloistered far
from storms of desire and hungering,
heeded the advice of complacent angels
couching every thought of yearning as frivolous or vain.
So long I dwelt there, faithful to routine and solitude,
the sameness so loud, I never heard the nascent sirens of change
calling me to flight nor glimpsed your eyes
shining into every measured moment of my days.
Until, wondrous, you arrived,
sprung from universes of light and meaning,
drawn complete through the sorrow and sinew of evanescent worlds
dying on distant plains, in forgotten time.
Here at last, awakening my heart from slumber,
with the chaos of your touch –
the order of my days wheeling away
like galaxies let loose their stations.
Lover, what divine anarchy you bring
from contentment’s demise
and love’s unfolding.


                                 Linda Breeden
                                Safety Harbor, FL



Second Place, Leo Thibault

The Hive

In a small Nevada town
a very young man rises early
from the comfort of bed
and wife, dons a uniform
starched for duty
heads for the office.
Worker bee in his cubicled hive,
the joystick warrior mans a console
patterned after Grand Theft Auto.
His flat-screen ripples
with sweet, swaying poppies,
wedding parties, bad guys.
Seven thousand miles removed,
the dice have been rolled. A Predator
drone armed with a Hellfire missile,
leaves home, hovers silently,
obliterates the high-value target.
Then, he launches another…
Twelve hours later, laying rubber,
the warrior commutes home, cruises by
the attractive nectar of casino lights
blinking in the distance.
Honey, I’m home!


                                Leo Thibault
                               Orleans, MA



Third Place, Art Langan


Sardonic Sonnet
I know not what travail the world may see
When I with earth converge as one in dust
The future is to me as blind can be
What is to come may not be well I trust
The earth and all its’ life seems bound to fail
But shall I care what turmoil may prevail
When in the ground I’m bound in quiet rest
Oblivious to all of life’s duress
The future is indeed a puzzlement
For those still quick and fast above the earth
But for we dozers who our lives have spent
Your travails will provide a bit of mirth
We’ll watch with heavy-lidded eyes your plight
And please forgive our giggles of delight!
                                              Art Langan

                                              Safety Harbor, FL



Congratulations to our 2013 winners!






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